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I have two border collies and as collies need a job...


KIZZIE is the elder of my border collies.Bred from working stock, she was one of the last litters bred by the shepherd at Fasque Estate and has been helping to exercise & socialise customers dogs since she was able to come to work with me as a puppy. A very vocal,cheeky and precocious character, she loves to hear her own voice ! She has relinquished her role as "prime exerciser" of the dogs I walk, to her younger sister,allowing her the opportunity to enjoy her favourite hobby of Squirrel searching :)


ISLA is the youngster, also bred from working collies from Glen Esk. She has embraced her role to run and play with any willing companion who needs a walk with us. She has such a sweet and gentle nature, but if play gets fast and energetic, she employs all her innate sheepdog skills to win a race !


Both girls love their job coming to work with me, but also love home time when they can sleep/chill out in the garden or in front of the log burner on cold winter nights.

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