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Flint is a 10 year old border collie who just loves to run and be active. He enjoys playing fetch and as he is extremely clever, to stop him becoming bored he helps out with chores around the house. Amongst his tricks are putting rubbish in the bin for us, closing doors and going up the stairs to fetch my slippers for me after a long day of walking. Visit Flint's breeder at www.sheepdogsforsale.com - she has puppies available or try a visit to her latest website at www.bordercolliepuppies.co.uk

Kyrah is a 9 year old border collie and has the perfect temperament for playing with all dogs and puppies. She is gentle with shy dogs and playful with more boisterous dogs. She has proved invaluable in helping to exercise clients dogs as she is always willing to start a game and can often be seen running in circles with a string of happy dogs trying to catch her.

Flint and Kyrah

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